I am in the process of organizing all the session I have done in the past. They will be separated by sessions I do on conferences, collaborations, and podcasts.

Conference Sessions



Manny is writing a BOOK!

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Manny is a featured presenter at this FREE conference. Hosted by our friends at Aldine ISD.

Attend Manny's district's Digital Learning Conference July 28th and 29th FREE! Lots of BIG names

Curate learning for your teachers or students. Let them learn at their own pace. This session will show you how you can create a self-pace learning portal for your teachers!

Bring the world to your students using Green Screen! Learn how to create awesome videos for your students!

WeVideo is such an awesome way to start your journey in digital literacy. Join me and learn how to create videos using WeVideo

Come join us to a Genially Tips and Tricks Session that will be ON FIRE! each presenter has 7 min. to showcase Genially!

Yaaas! Another year of TCCA! Take a look at all 3 of my sessions here. They are all self-pace, so if you couldn't make it... no worries!

Session 6, 1pm

Session 8, 3pm

Join Erika, Misba, Jeremi and I in a conversation about creativity using Wakelet and WeVideo. This session is going to be AH-mazing!

Click on the Bit.ly to the right so access ALL the awesome resources, tutorials and examples we talked about.

Wow! This panel about diversity was EPIC! Thank you Flipgrid for letting me be part of it! We talked about supporting our student and empower their sense of community!

Yaaas! Come see how to record your lessons. I will show you how awesome Screencastify! Send videos to Edpuzzle, Wakelet. Don't be shy!

This is the super fun session we had with Screencastify, Peardeck, Google for Education and Book creator! Thank you come coming and learning with me!

The WeVideo Creator Community Week 2020 was a blast! I had to record my section due to unforeseen circumstances , but you can watch both videos!

Slides on the Left.

My video section on the right

Jeni, Sallee AKA Jenalle and I had a great time showcasing how we share out Wakelet love as EdTech coaches. Check out all the resources!

Above is our Live Recording

Check out the Wakelet collection we put together!

Super funny video promo

This session took place during TCCA 2019 in Aldine ISD. Teachers from the Houston surrounding areas joined a super fun FREE Technology Conference. Click on the buttons to access the websites.

These are the video promos for the two sessions. I guess they are my video session descriptions! Yaaas!